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Our Process


Every job we undertake for customers will be unique in some way. From requiring us to take a few aerial photos to Video with full editing and music.

RLL AERIAL IMAGING would like to quote for you on an individual project basis preferably after having discussed with you in person or online to include the below required information on the proposed project. 

Things that contribute to these costs being variable could be the type of commission and its location and potential requirements for additional CAA approvals and any pre-filming site visits. 

I try to keep everything simple and transparent so contact me and I will quickly be able to quote a price on your project

Your project - information we will require

A professional Aerial operation does not just turn up and fly the drone. To ensure a safe and legal flight we have to take down information and then research many areas from Airspace maps to looking at the weather forecast which enables us to create a Pre Flight Assessment.  

Before contacting me it would be very useful for you to have thought about the following 

  • Project : Do you have a vision of what you are trying to achieve? Photography , Video or a combination of both. Do you want the raw footage and Video or would you like some editing 

  • Proposed Date : Do you have a time-frame to achieve your project - this will enable us to see if we can accommodate you into our work calendar

  • The Location : If possible the exact postcode please

The British weather

Aerial filming is affected by the weather and resultant flying conditions. The Drone platforms I use and their cameras can not fly in rain, high winds, fog , falling snow or at night. If due to weather on your chosen day we are not able to fly and shoot we shall not charge you but make an alternative arrangement to shoot at another time. 

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