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why use Drone technology and Aerial Imaging ?

By clicking on the OUR SERVICES menu above we hope to demonstrate what we can help you achieve for personal or business use

We aim to get the high level shots you need in perfect quality using state of the art UAV's. This type of high end professional drone can achieve stunning pictures in ultra high quality. All images taken will be in JPEG and / or RAW, and can be delivered with post production or without.

We can choose to record in 1080P or ultra HD - 4K/6K which is ideal for marketing videos. The cameras offer perfect quality for Estate agents too when wanting to capture special images for that high end property  . The state of the art aerial camera and resulting stunning detail makes this also a perfect tool for roof inspections, surveying and insurance inspection as you will be able to see every detail. 

Example Business Case Study for Surveying


Safety and Risk reduction 
Every year thousands of incidents are recorded on building sites and in associated industries, half of which are related to heights and the risk of falling. Sending a survey crew out to houses or tall buildings, areas that have rough uneven terrain, cliffs, embankments, loose gravel, fast-running water, and tough undergrowth place them in jeopardy. An injury can happen with little to no warning. Medical costs and costs for absence from work amount to hundreds of millions a year. The use of drones for specific monitoring and inspection tasks currently performed by people can significantly reduce these risks.

No need to shut down operations 
During inspections, installations in most cases need to be shut down temporarily, involving high costs due to loss of productivity. Using drones capable of inspecting functioning installations in a short time span makes the shut-down far more cost effective.

Better overview 
Flying at low heights, Drones are able to create a very sharp image and a clear overview which can be used to actively monitor and inspect activities, installations, infrastructure and buildings.

Survey of inaccessible locations 
A Drone can fly where people or vehicles have no access, for example over wetland and densely forested areas, rivers, steep embankments. Drones make all these areas accessible for aerial surveys.

Improved data detailing 
Compared to manned helicopters and aeroplanes Drones can get much closer to the survey target resulting in improved data detail and quality of the survey.

Faster data acquisition 
Drones can perform surveys or inspections on the surface or in the air in a much shorter time span. Because less people and equipment are involved, in most cases the necessary security measures can also be reduced significantly.

Lower costs summary
Drone activity is cheaper because operations don't need to be shut down, inaccessible areas become accessible, data acquisition is faster and the necessary workforce and equipment in the field are reduced. 

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